bio picOur every new step is always towards what we only half know.

This is how I begin this website, to share a virtual reality,words on a page, travel pleasures,  food and recipes, style, conversation, and some literary fiction to be opened and shared.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a passion for collecting one-of-a-kind objects. As a child it might have been a special rock or a colorful bottle cap. Later it became cheap chic vintage dresses, costumes and art. Now that I want to live a more simple life, it’s become recipes, travel experiences and words that reflect our world of truth, fiction and politics.

I was raised in Bordeaux, France, but have lived the major part of my life in the U.S..

We came to America in the ’60’s and found a brave new world in NYC, with skyscrapers seeming to pierce the skyline. I learned my Pledge of Allegiance and discovered peanut butter and saddle oxfords. Later, art would become my major area of influence. I pursued a commercial art degree at Delgado Community Art College in New Orleans, a place where I discovered my voice and point of view. The city seemed to contain the idea of joy and mystery like a magic you could inhale on any sun soaked day or jasmine-scented night. I gave my all to its heavenly charms, and yet, the chronic melancholia dripping from the Spanish moss could not be avoided. Years before Hurricane Katrina, I left for higher ground in a place called the Emerald City.

It was here in Seattle that I finally found the cool, clear, inside of home. I earned a second degree in Apparel Design at Seattle Central College and went on to work in Theatrical Costume Design. I also designed for manufacturing houses. To further my learning, I have two Literary Fiction Certificates from the University of Washington. Seattle is where I became a true artist, a wife and mother, a sister, and friend. I find joy in hosting and spending time with friends, sharing good food and life. Please enjoy the recipes!


Community and accomplishments: served as a Seattle Art Commissioner for two years, volunteered time to design elementary school plays for which I earned two Golden Acorn Awards. In Seattle, designed, and built costumes for the Paramount, A.C.T., the Opera, and The Little Theatre Off Broadway.   Representative works include, Marat Sade, Dracula, Lysistrata, Midsummer Night’s Dream, A Tale of Two Cities, Comedy of Errors, Hamlet, Gut Girls, Godspell, A Christmas Carol, Hair. In Palo Alto, designed Man of La Mancha for Hillbarn Theatre, and Tom Sawyer and Firebird for The Lucie Stern Children’s Theatre. Designer for Flair Expressions, a women’s fashion house in Foster City, CA and for Bucky Products, where two of my designs have U.S. patents, (the Duo Pillow and the Bucky Mini which is still sold in certain airports and travel stores) Married to Steve Sewell, with two daughters. Danielle, the oldest, graduated from UVA, served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Niger, Africa, received an MBA from MIT and works  for SEIU. Our second daughter, Nicole is a graduate of Santa Clara University, and campaigned for last great president, Obama. She is a talented artist and has worked in Seattle as an Interior Designer, and now, is doing marketing/photography for Flagstick Pub.